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Important Facts About Central Air Repair

When your air conditioning system is malfunctioning during the hottest part of summer, your house can become extremely uncomfortable.

However, by making sure you remain on a maintenance schedule for your system, you can avoid the heat and save money for central air repair.

The system that is not efficiently providing cool air may be having problems in the outdoor unit. Make sure to rake away leaves and other debris from around it, allowing for clearer air flow. If left unattended, outdoor units become dirty and weeds become intertwined in the external grills. Always keep weeds cut away from your outdoor cooling unit. Check the thermostat as well to make sure setting is low enough to your system to turn on.

The cooling system that does not turn on may also be experiencing power loss due to the main power switch being off. A metal box is usually placed near the outdoor unit on an adjacent wall. Check to see if this switch is on before calling for repairs to be made. If the switch is on and you are still having trouble, this would be the best time to call for professional repairs.

The rooms that have drastic differences in temperatures could be the result of damaged ductwork underneath your home. If one duct is damaged or loosened, the cool air going through it is being dispersed underneath your home instead of into a room. Making sure you have ducts repaired is important to avoid high electricity bills and for you to experience comfort in every room of your home.

When the air flow in your system becomes too low or is producing warm air, you may need to call an expert for making the necessary repairs. You may have trouble occurring within the compressor or the coils could be icing over. However, you should first check the air filter to make sure it is not clogged up and dirty before making the call for central air repair.


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