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How to Troubleshoot Your AC or Furnace

Try these simple tips before calling Adams.

  • Check the Freon Line
    Check the freon line on your exterior AC unit. Does it have ice on it? If so, turn off the thermostat and Call Adams.
  • Check the Power
    Before calling Adams, it's important to check the power coming into the home. Do this by going to your breaker box and seeing if any switches have flipped. This often happens during times of extreme heat. If you flip a breaker back on and it flips back after a short amount of time, Call Adams.
  • Check the Gas Meter
    Have you moved into a new home recently? When a home is powered by gas, it is important to make sure the meter has been turned on by the local provider. This is often a problem when a person has moved into a new home.
  • Check the Filter & Thermostat
    Issues that seem big may just be restricted air flow from a clogged air filter. It is important to change it regularly, so air can flow freely. Also, make sure there are good batteries in the thermostat.
  • Check the Unit’s Interior and Exterior Breakers
    It is likely that you have more than one type of breaker on your AC system. One of these may have become turned off by accident or tripped due to an electrical issue. Be sure to check all breakers.
  • Check for AC Obstructions
    If there anything obstructing the fan on your outdoor AC unit? There should be an 18 inch clearance of any shrubs, branches or other obstructions.
  • During the Winter, Check for Frozen Coil"
    If you have a heat pump, check the outside unit to see if the coil frozen. If so, turn the system off and leave the fan running to defrost the system before you Call Adams.
  • Check Pilot Light for Gas Heating Systems
    If your pilot light goes out, your gas furnace will not run. Usually this can be found somewhere on your furnace. If you are not comfortable relighting your pilot light Call Adams for assistance.
  • Do You Smell Gas?
    If you smell gas around your furnace or home this could be a serious issue. Don't Call Adams, and immediately call the gas company or turn off the gas line to your home.
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