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4 Easy Ways to Insulate Your Home and Save on Heating Bills This Winter

The holiday season is known for being expensive, between the increase in groceries, gift-giving, and travel expenses, and the very last thing you need is to add to the list is a larger-than-normal heating bill.

Here are 4 easy ways to insulate your home and keep your heating costs as low as possible this holiday season.

Seal Your Doors with Weatherstripping

Are you catching a chill anytime you leave a room? Have you noticed a cold breeze by the front door before you even open it? Believe it or not, the tiny cracks along your doorways can impact the temperature of any room, no matter how insulated it may be.

Weatherstripping isn’t just for your exterior doors, though, as it can also be used for your bedroom and bathroom doors to help seal in a room’s heat and comfort.

Invest in Area and Hallway Rugs

Hardwood and linoleum floors are trending when designing a home today, but these materials do a poor job of retaining heat and can cause a chilly wakeup call in anyone’s morning.

This doesn’t mean you have to call in a carpeting company, though. Carefully-placed area rugs and hallway rugs will keep your guests’ feet from freezing and add a decorative flair to your home.

Update Your Insulation and Crawl Space

A properly insulated attic and crawl space encapsulation are the first steps to keep your home above the freezing point during the winter, but too many houses have improperly installed insulation or no vapor barriers.

Make an effort to inspect your attic and assess your insulation situation, then take a peek at your crawl space and identify any dampness. Luckily, there’s a team of experts that can help you rectify any moisture concerns in your home.

Book a Checkup for Your HVAC System

HVAC systems are one of the most important parts of the home, but if you’re noticing you have to push the thermostat higher or your air is getting a little dustier, it’s time to call your trusted team of HVAC technicians to get your system back to its best condition.

The holidays are already an expensive time between family dinners and gifts for loved ones, so why not save a little extra on your heating bill by making sure your house is secure? If you want to make sure your family is smiling and not shivering in your Christmas photos, give our team of HVAC experts a call today at (704) 376-4328 or visit us online and see how we can make your holiday season just a little less stressful.


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