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How To Reduce Your Heating Air Conditioning Costs

When it comes to reducing energy bills heating air conditioning costs are usually the first place to start.

With any home built more than 20 years ago, it is essential that you start by eliminating drafts. Homes built more than 10 years ago in the southern regions tend to be under insulated and are often filled with drafty holes.

Insulation is just the first step. There are any number of ways that air may very well be getting into your house which will ultimately conflict with the ability to lower your energy costs. Any break in the wall, which includes windows, outlets, dryer vents, and molding are often areas where the seal between your interior living space and the chill or heat from outside is compromised.

While many articles and household focus on the need for protecting the home from cold drafts, warm drafts can increase your cooling costs as well. Insulation and sealing your home is something that should be taken seriously all year long. This will allow you to keep costs down regardless of which unit you are running.

Caulk, weatherstripping, and spray foam insulation can make a huge difference in the ability to prevent external weather from influencing your indoor temperature. While cold drafts are more noticeable, warm drafts can be uncomfortable as well. While you are reducing your heat-related energy use you can still be thinking about how to prevent the warm air from getting in.

Using sealers around windows, lines that run all the way through the home’s exterior, and outlets can reduce the cost of using climate control in any environment. These are the most prime areas where the wind will force its way through.

The foundation is usually another area where there are weak points that allow weather penetration. The older the house is the more likely that the foundation meets the structure of the house in an inefficient manner. Sealing this area is easy once you clear out the accumulated dirt and debris. Spray foam insulation is highly effective in areas like this. Taking the time to find the weak points of your home and seal them against the penetration of weather will give you a better way to reduce costs of heating air conditioning units.


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