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Charlotte Air Conditioning Company Can Improve Energy Efficiency

A Charlotte air conditioning company offers many solutions to help enhance the energy efficiency of a home, office, or small industrial work space.

In addition, their units can help to improve the quality of indoor air.

These cooling units have their efficiencies calculated by an EER (Energy Efficient Ratio). This is equivalent to the ratio of the unit’s hourly cooling capacity (British thermal units, BTUs), compared with its power input (watts). The most efficient systems have high EER ratings.

National standards for appliances require cooling units have minimum EER ratings between 8.0 and 9.8. The exact rating depends on the unit’s capacity and type. The EERs that are above 9.8 qualify for the Energy Star endorsement.

High EERs equate to lower utility bills. For example, many units manufactured during the 1970s have EERs of 5. If these units are replaced with more modern systems which have EERs of 10, energy costs could be reduced by 50 percent.

Most professionals suggest looking for units which have EERs of at least 10. This can be located on the unit’s energy guide label. When possible, select units which feature the Energy Star endorsement.

Air conditioners have double duties. In addition to providing cool air, they remove moisture. Dust, mold, and other allergens can accumulate quickly in a filter. As a result, it’s important to install effective air filters on these units, and clean them regularly.

At the beginning of each summer, these units should be serviced by experienced professionals. They will clean the coils, and make sure no contaminants are present. This will help to increase their efficiency throughout the season, as well as extend their lifetime.

A Charlotte air conditioning company has many knowledgeable professionals on staff. They can provide valuable services which can improve the quality of indoor air, increase the efficiency of cooling systems, and lower utility bills. In addition to offering new units which have high EER ratings, they perform regular maintenance tasks to help keep units functioning at peak performance.


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