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Charlotte AC Service Offers Top Ways To Winterize Your Home

Energy conservation is a cause that quickly became a way of life when the rising costs of electricity made it necessary to lower monthly expenses.

As a result, more homeowners are implementing measures to cut costs so they can remain comfortable in their own homes. When it comes to winterizing your home, you might want to consider a Charlotte AC service for helpful tips on cutting the cost of your electric bills. Here are a few pointers to help you get started.

Most people are well aware that warm air and cool air is lost in those areas around windows and doors. Simply use a smoking incense stick to determine where the drafts exist. Be sure to shut of all fans and other blowers while conducting this test to improve the accuracy of your findings.

Typical weatherstrip tape provides a means of closing off structural gaps. Old-style single pane windows lose a tremendous amount of energy. Therefore, more homeowners consider new thermal pane and double pane windows to be a wise investment because these units result in as much as 10 to 20 percent reduction of existing electric bills.

Ceilings and attics are where heat rises and escapes. Most homes have insulation in the attic, but it is possible to raise the R factor by adding composite insulation. This material is made of shredded newspapers and old phone books and treated with the natural mineral borate to repel insects. In most cases, possible Federal rebates exist to help cover the costs.

Regardless of economic situations, there is no valid reason to spend more money on electricity than is needed. A Charlotte AC service offers estimates and energy evaluations to determine where your HVAC system is losing valuable money. Whether you are preparing for summer or winter temperatures, they offer helpful suggestions on measures to take that will decrease your electric bill.

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